Lucille Madeira Research Paper

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Emily Madeira
Mrs. Deb Moyer Madeira pg. 1 English Interview Essay
October 15

Hello, my name is Lucille Beatrice Fuhrman. I was born January 6, 1944 in Vryn Mawr Pennsylvania to Francis Hilldibidle Fuhrman and Virginia Fellimino Pettrecelli. My father was a worker in the local shipyard, and my mother was a nurse. I don’t really remember anything about Vryn Mawr because I moved from there to Kempton when I was 3 years old. All I remember specifically about Vryn Mawr was that when there was a very big refrigerator in the corner of the moving truck.

My Childhood
My father was a very fun-loving dad. Some of the things that I remember doing with him was that, he would take his big army truck up to the back roads, and he would hook our sleigh up to the truck and the hook up some toboggans, and he would drive “very quickly” while my brothers Richard and Mickey where in the toboggans and I was in the sleigh. One of our favorite things to do with him was take our big truck up to, the mountain and drive really fast on the trails with us kids in the trunk. We would always drive at such an angle, and speed that our feet would almost never be touching the ground, we would be hanging on for dear life, hoping our arms would hold.

Elementary SchoolMadeira pg. 2
There was one thing that was important to most of the students at my school. That was to be able to go down to a farmhouse and get some of their water since there was no running water. My school was just like the “Little House on the Prairie schoolhouse" as you might call it. It had everything that we ever needed. It had a pot-bellied stove that we would put our wet shoes by when we came in from recess so they’d dry. It was a typical one-room public school house. The one thing I loved about my school was once every week a lady would come to school and teach...
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