Lucid Dreaming

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Lucid Dreaming
Sleep always includes several periods of dreaming. Dreams can be lucid dreams in which one is aware of the dream. Lucid dreaming exerts some degree of control and participation in the dream setting. As Rebecca points out, “lucid dreaming is the ability to become aware while you are dreaming- to consciously wake up inside the dream world and control your dreams” (1). This persuasive essay will prove to what extend lucid dreaming is feasible and the conditions of awareness that a dream must fulfill in order to be defined as a lucid dream. Dreaming remains a somewhat unexplained mental process that scientist continues to study its mechanism and implication. “The term lucid dreaming was coined by Frederik Williams and van Eeden, a Dutch psychiatrist and writer who established a free psychiatry movement in the Netherlands around the end of nineteenth century”(Holzinger 216). Lucid dreaming comes from the Tibetan Buddhism and is also known as Sufism and/or Indian yoga. In the last 35 years, experimental work has been study to prove lucid dreaming. Therefore, scientists found that a correlation between the frequency and content of the sleeping subject’s dreams exists. New techniques show us specific brain regions involved in dreaming. “Despite the fact that the phenomenon of Lucid dreaming was known since the times of Aristotle’s, only 30 years ago it was successfully verified in a sleep laboratory by measuring eye movements during rapid eye movements (REM) sleep correspond with shifts of gaze in dream imagery (Schredl 1457). There have been several scientific researches that prove the presence of lucid dreaming. Two famous oneirologists demonstrated the existence of lucid dreaming; Paul Tholey and Stephen LaBerge. LaBerge based his research in his eye signals during lucid dreaming method to physiologically investigate lucid dreaming by comparing physiological process with dream reports. As an evidence of lucid dreaming, a laboratory research by...
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