Lucid Dreaming

Topics: Unconscious mind, Dream, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Phillip Szeto
Psych 01
Paper Assignment #1
Lucid Dreaming
Have you ever experienced in your dreams and realized that the dream is not a reality and you become aware that you are sleeping? This is the act of lucid dreaming; it is said that the individual who is in deep sleep suddenly becomes conscious that they are dreaming and not only do they realize this, they have the power to manipulate and create the dream to whatever they desire and wish to experience. In other words, the dreamer has the ability to control their dream and build a fantasy land to their most subconscious and unconscious desires. From a land filled with candies and sweets or money grown on trees, the possibilities of lucid dreaming are infinite and endless. In this psychology paper, it was assigned to attempt an act of lucid dreaming and to elaborate the experience.

The first few days were unsuccessful. It is extremely difficult for me to control my unconscious mental state as for I am a deep sleeper and it is naturally a complicated task. Many of the attempts were futile and I found myself doing typical dreaming or in some cases I did not even dream at all. However, as I persisted to achieve lucid dreaming, I finally succeeded. The dream consisted of a very common and generic dream for males; a compilation of their favorite video games. In a variety of games such as Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Star Wars and more I found myself in an environment of an assortment of fighting capabilities, using an array of techniques with my fists, flying futuristic space ships or tactical weapons. Since I was in control of the dream, enemies were defeated by my hands incredibly easily and immediately and I had supremacy in the battlefield. Later on, I helped myself with the ultimate delicacies of the world and feasted, devouring the most delectable and expensive of dishes and drinking extravagant juices. Dessert was also satisfying as I helped myself to fancy chocolates and sweets. The dream further...
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