Topics: Alcatel-Lucent, Lucent Technologies, Patricia Russo Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: January 3, 2013
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1. The merger which was to be enacted in 2001 between the Alcatel, a telecommunication company in Paris- France and Lucent telecommunication and technology giants in the United States of America failed due to misunderstanding of the share-ability and resource control should they have collaborated in 2001 (Hartley 2010). The Lucent Company from US realized that Alcatel never intended to equally share and control the company after the merger; instead Alcatel intended to take over control of the merged company. To Lucent, this was not possible hence withdrawal from the deal leading to the collapse of the intended merger of 2001 (Advani 1998). However, due to frequent failure of Lucent company in merger deals, the company management realized that Alcatel intended to monopolize the merger company afterwards hence withdrawal from the deal (Anonymous 2004). From the consummated transatlantic relationships, the two telecommunication companies reengaged into merger deal, which was effected when the shareholders from the two companies came in to terms regarding the signing of the merger deal conducted on 7th Sept, 2006 (Mcfarlin & Sweeney 2008). The Alcatel company was however, not contented with the procedural ways and terms involved in handling both financial and management issues within the merged company (David 2008) 2. The merged company revised its financial concerns downwards which led to resignation of some top executives as well as business unit recognition leading to a daunting task that Patricia Russo, the CEO is faced with a lot of concern to ensure proper steering of the company‘s top docket objectively aimed at improving the company to the expectations (National Library of Canada 2001). Through production of duplicate products that resembles the product samples from company competitors, to equally sell in the competitive market (Advani 1998). In the efforts to revamp the company, Alcatel-Lucent Company other than three of its...
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