Lte Scheduling

Topics: 3GPP Long Term Evolution, Throughput, Radio resource management Pages: 73 (20131 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Downlink Packet Scheduling in LTE Cellular Networks: Key Design Issues and a Survey F. Capozzi, Student Member, IEEE, G. Piro, Student Member, IEEE, L.A. Grieco, Member, IEEE, G. Boggia, Senior Member, IEEE, and P. Camarda

Abstract Future generation cellular networks are expected to provide ubiquitous broadband access to a continuously growing number of mobile users. In this context, LTE systems represent an important milestone towards the so called 4G cellular networks. A key feature of LTE is the adoption of advanced Radio Resource Management procedures in order to increase the system performance up to the Shannon limit. Packet scheduling mechanisms, in particular, play a fundamental role, because they are responsible for choosing, with fine time and frequency resolutions, how to distribute radio resources among different stations, taking into account channel condition and QoS requirements. This goal should be accomplished by providing, at the same time, an optimal trade-off between spectral efficiency and fairness. In this context, this paper provides an overview on the key issues that arise in the design of a resource allocation algorithm for LTE networks. It is intended for a wide range of readers as it covers the topic from basics to advanced aspects. The downlink channel under frequency division duplex configuration is considered as object of our study, but most of the considerations are valid for other configurations as well. Moreover, a survey on the most recent techniques is reported, including a classification of the different approaches presented in literature. Performance comparisons of the most well-known schemes, with particular focus on QoS provisioning capabilities, are also provided for complementing the described concepts. Thus, this survey would be useful for readers interested in learning the basic concepts before going into the details of a particular scheduling strategy, as well as for researchers aiming at deepening more specific aspects. Index Terms LTE, scheduling, Radio Resource Management, QoS, System-Level Simulation.

F. Capozzi is with ITIA-CNR, v. P Lembo, 38F - 70124, Bari, Italy. e-mail: This work was done when he was at “DEE - Dip. di Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica”, Politecnico di Bari. Other authors are with the “DEE - Dip. di Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica”, Politecnico di Bari, v. Orabona, 4 - 70125, Bari, Italy. e-mail: {g.piro,a.grieco,g.boggia,camarda}


Downlink Packet Scheduling in LTE Cellular Networks: Key Design Issues and a Survey L IST OF ACRONYMS AMC BLER BET CQI DCI eNB FDPS FLS GBR HARQ LTE LWDF MCS M-LWDF MT OFDM OFDMA PDCCH PDSCH PUSCH PF PLR PSS QCI QoS RB Adaptive Modulation and Coding Block Error Rate Blind Equal Throughput Channel Quality Indicator Downlink Control Information evolved NodeB Frequency Domain Packet Scheduler Frame Level Scheduler Guaranteed bit-rate Hybrid Automatic Retransmission Request Long Term Evolution Largest Weighted Delay First Modulation and Coding Scheme Modified LWDF Maximum Throughput Orthogonal Freq. Division Multiplexing Orthogonal Freq. Division Multiple Access Physical Downlink Control Channel Physical Downlink Shared Channel Physical Uplink Shared Channel Proportional Fair Packet Loss Rate Priority Set Scheduler QoS Class Identifier Quality of Service Resource Block



Radio Link Control Round Robin Radio Resource Management

SC-FDMA Single Carrier Freq. Division Multiple Access SGW TDPS TTA TTI UE VPM Serving Gateway Time Domain Packet Scheduler Throughput To Average Transmission Time Interval User Equipment VoIP priority mode I. I NTRODUCTION The growing demand for network services, such as VoIP, web browsing, video telephony, and video streaming, with constraints on delays and bandwidth requirements, poses new challenges in the design of the future generation cellular networks. 3GPP 1 introduced the Long Term Evolution (LTE) specifications [1] as an answer to this...
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