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Topics: Click, Management, Feedback Pages: 4 (958 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Life Styles Inventory

Shalini Javvaji-Akkiraju

GM591 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Professor Carr

Nov 5th, 2011

My primary personal thinking styles as shown in my circumplex are: Affiliative, Achievement, and Self-Actualizing. For all 3 of these, I placed in the 90th percentile. My backup style is perfectionist in which I scored at the 69th percentile.

Both work and in life, I feel I am strong when it comes to commitment and to making and keeping satisfying relationships. This would explain my high score in the affiliative style. I would say that I tend to maintain positive relationships with atleast 90-95% of those whom I work with and also those outside of work. Although the description is quite accurate in that teamwork and cooperation are important to me, I feel that there are times that I just need to pull away from people in order to get my work accomplished.

In working in the quality assurance and testing department, my high score in achievement hits the mark. I tend to be very high-quality oriented or highly challenging projects/tasks. I don’t take no for an answer and I don’t quit til I find an answer. I never put a cap of what I can do nor what I can achieve. I am usually very competitive and generally need to be the BEST in everything. One important aspect of the achievement style is that I understand the benefits of giving and asking for honest feedback. Everyone needs an unbiased on their performance a few times a year. Its crucial that we are open to receiving both positive and negative feedback. It is just as important to help others and to provide timely feedback as well. In addition to achievement, perfectionist also makes sense due to my background. It is extremely important that when I sign off on something as tested and ready for production, there are no mistakes and that I’ve planned for every possible situation and tested it.

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