Lsi Paper

Topics: Management, Percentile rank, Abraham Maslow Pages: 5 (1543 words) Published: December 2, 2012
LSI Paper

Amir Jawaid

Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Anne Peters


My primary thinking style with the highest percentile is being competitive at 99 percentile. I actually never realized this aspect about my thinking style but now it all makes sense. In the past I have been so busy winning and showing other people losing that I totally forgot to pay attention on my own performance, I guess glory isn’t that important, what really important is how I achieved it. At home, I’ll always be busy competing with the siblings and at work I was always comparing myself to others, hence not paying attention on my performance. My Secondary thinking style is my Affiliative thinking style at 96 percentile. I totally agree with this as I do pay a lot of emphasis on relationships. I am very warm and open about meeting and interacting with new people from different cultural backgrounds and have a keen interest in learning different languages. This thinking style helped me develop good interpersonal skills. At home I have great relationship with my parents and siblings. At work I am always deemed as the favorite manager I am very understanding and friendly. My limiting thinking style would be avoidance-thinking style; I believe instead of dealing with the problems I usually walk away from them, which is not a good trait. A problem must be solved instead of letting it lingering in the back of your mind. I may be overly hard on myself. When I make a mistake, it is especially difficult for myself to forgive myself and move on. This can result in a fear of failure, and the feeling that I must avoid situations that carry the risk of personal defeat. I typically refrain from examining and expressing feelings, which could signal a more general pattern of withdrawal.

For example in the past I have turned small problems into huge problems overtime since I didn’t feel like tackling them then and there. I had relationship problems and money problems because of my avoidance thinking style. In 2006 I was moving out of my uncle’s house and things went sour in between his family and mine, but since I was young and reckless I completely ignored the problem instead of dealing with it, later on the problem was huge and couldn’t be tackled anymore and till this day I have weirdness involved when meeting up with his family.

Impact of my personal styles on my management style:
Planning: When it comes to planning my competitive, perfectionist and achievement thinking style play a big role. Planning requires being competitive, you make sure whatever you are planning is worthy enough and efficient. Perfectionist thinking style helps it to be without flaws and no room for errors. Achievement style helps me to be somewhat confident and easily able to meet challenges.

Organizing: Again the perfectionist plays a big role in organizing also. The humanistic style helps me in guiding other people towards organization and guiding them and supporting their effort. I feel organizing is not the strongest management area for me and I need to work on this skill.

Leading: The thinking style of self-actualization, competitive, and power, plays a huge role in helping me lead. I am pretty self-actualized, which means I am really comfortable with myself and who I am. For being a leader one needs to be competitive otherwise you can’t lead if you have the mentality of “if we lose that’s ok, it’s more like no! We got to win!” I like being in charge and in control of a situation, it’s very typical of me, the sense of being independent makes me comfortable in a leading position. I believe in leading by example style of management, instead of telling people what to do a manager needs to show them how it’s done and then audit to make sure they are just as good as you or your best employee.

Controlling: The power, competitive and humanistic thinking style plays a huge role of me being controlling in my work...
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