Lsi - Gm591 Leadership and Organization Behavior

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GM591 Leadership and Organization Behavior
September 9, 2011

According to my LSI, my Primary personal thinking style is avoidance at 80% and my back-up personal thinking style is affiliative at 75%. I agree with my primary personal thinking style, avoidance and my back-up personal thinking style, affiliative. With the avoidance style, I can live life more positively and I can confront the people that cause my distress. With the affiliative style, I can acquire stronger interpersonal skills that will help form healthy relationships. Some of the statements about avoidance are true about me, while others aren’t. Example of true statements are: having few strong interests, having difficulty making decisions, uncomfortable discussing feelings and self-doubting and self-blaming. Some of the false statements are: lacking initiative, having difficulty establishing relationships, preoccupied with my own concerns, recently experienced something traumatic and feeling overwhelmed by circumstances. If you tally the true and false statements up, then you would see that I have more false statements than true ones, which tells me that I am less avoidance-oriented now. However, if you look at the definition of avoidance, as avoiding situations that may cause distress, then I would be a more avoidance-oriented person. When I get upset with a friend or family member, then I tend to shut down completely and avoid them for a few days till I am able to discuss what is wrong with me. I also agree with the affiliative style being my back-up personal thinking style because I don’t have a hard time meeting people, I don’t lack effectiveness at work, I don’t avoid group activities, I am able to relax around people and I don’t feel unimportant or disliked. I might feel lonely sometimes, but everyone does at one point or another. Being in the affiliative style benefits me with being liked and feeling a sense of belonging. I would identify...
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