Lsi Assignment - Personal Thinking Styles

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LSI Assignment

My Results


Personal Thinking Styles
Based on the information presented in the survey, it is clear to see that my personal thinking style is highest for my affiliative style and approach. This is primarily because I like to ensure that I have support whenever I make my way in a test whether it is on an academic level or on a personal basis. My ability to forge these relationships with my cohorts is something that I value very much as I’m a strong believer that you learn more from the environments around you as opposed to a single textbook or other method of self-improvement or educational medium. My second highest percentile is from my ability to be encouraging on a humanistic level. I believe that the fact that I’m a mother comes into play here, and I often try to see every person a child of God and due to this, I make it a conscious effort in my everyday life to make sure that everyone is pleased and can work on the same level to get a task completed as expected. Unquestionably, my limiting style that is working against me and reduces my overall effectiveness stems from my yearning to be a perfectionist and to complete a task to the highest standard. Through implying such a method, I feel that I have subconsciously worked to limit my professional effectiveness in organizations and have not be able to develop as quickly as I’d like as I am constantly held back by tasks which need to be completed and sent out in a quick and specific time frame rather than something that is slow and tenuous in nature. LSI Style Interpretations:

Regarding this interpretation, I again went back and paid a closer reflection to the affliative style and approach. T is based on this approach that I understand that my style is characterized by my personal belief that sees me: - Valuing relationships above everything else.

- A requirement to build strong relationships that are both meaningful and reciprocal. - Strong, well-developed interpersonal skills...
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