Lsi Assignment Gm591

Topics: Psychology, Management, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: February 20, 2012
January 15, 2012

Personal Thinking Styles
My primary thinking styles according to my circumplex were conventional and self-actualizing with a 93 percentile score and my back up thinking styles were humanistic-encouraging and achievement with an 85 percentile score. I can say that my primary and backup thinking styles goes well together because they make up my personality into a whole as I’ve seen as I matured. I learned as stated in humanistic-encouraging and self actualizing that I am a good listener and communicates ideas easily which is something that I learned you have to learn to listen before communicating. In the past I would speak without listening which would always cause a conflict in conversations. The conventional style works with my issues I have with being indecisive about everyday processes like shopping or getting dressed for the day because I love to be presented well especially having a love for fashion. I am working on the issues of being conventional because it can come across to others as being cocky or conceited. The achievement that associated with my backup thinking styles is accurate with some of the things on the list such as ambitious and achieving because when I set a goal I have a time set and I make sure that the goal is met with in the time period. I agree with the perceptions of my primary and backup thinking styles and after doing the LSI survey made me think and realize my way of thinking and actions as mature adult. The one style that I believe is working against me when it comes to making professional effectiveness is avoidance even though I set goals for myself and usually achieve my goals I have a problem being aggressive in the workplace when it is time to speak up. I play issues in the workplace safe I’m never aggressive on moving or speaking up for a position which in the past I believe...
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