Lsd in Society

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  • Published : June 1, 2010
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LSD and other hallucinogens have flooded the drug market for the past forty years. Some of these drugs are natural while others are man-made, but almost all of them have the same effect on the people that take them. In its early years LSD, and LSD like drugs, were tested on all people in different walks of life including our military personnel. Of course the doctors did this not knowing the effects of the drug, long term or short term. With time knowledge grew, but sadly, so did the curiosity about the drug. This led to a stronger demand for the drug for people to try to satisfy their own curiosity. To this very day people "try it" just to see what it is like, or to find out what they will see. Visions are just one of the many effects this drug has on subjects that take it. In the past LSD and other hallucinogens have been used in professional studies of the human mind. These studies have had mixed results, that always almost always vary, depending on the patient and his or her surroundings. When something new comes and is publicized and talked about, human nature tends to make people experiment. That is exactly what people did with LSD. The mass of the population did it for fun with no real intent to harm them. Psychiatrists had a field day with the new drug. Psychotherapy was the major field in which LSD played a factor. All through the Sixties and up into the early Seventies, doctors tried all angles to find a concrete use in the field of psychotherapy for LSD. In the Sixties the drug was even attempted as a weapon for chemical warfare. The effect of the drug was said to take all rationality out of its victim making them an easy target. LSD prevailed in 1965 because it was said to do "good" things to people. First, it could easily bring out inner emotions and repressed memories in the patient. Second, the patient’s information is better understood thanks to the vivid visual imagery generated by LSD. Third, the patient feels like he has a better...
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