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2010-CE IH


9:00 am - 11 :00 am (2 hours)
This paper must be answered in English


This paper consists of Section A and Section B. Section A carries 60% of the subject marks, and Section B carries 20%. You are advised to spend approximately one and a half hours on Section A and 30 minutes on Section B. Section A consists of two data-based questions, covering the Core Part of the curriculum. Both questions are to be answered. Section B consists of six essay-type questions with stimulus materials, covering the Optional Part of the curriculum. Select ONLY ONE question to answer. The questions fall into three groups, each with two questions covering an Optional Module. Candidates are reminded that this subject emphasises the ability to present and support points of view in a clear, concise and logical manner, rather than the ability to recite facts. Where a question is divided into sub-questions, you must divide your answer into parts accordingly. You risk mark penalties if you do not do so. The mark allocation is shown in brackets at the end of each sub­ question. It is a guide to the length ofthe answer required, which may vary from one sentence to a few short paragraphs. You should plan your time accordingly.





Not to be taken away before the end of the examination session






Answer all the questions in this Section. (Questions in this Section cover the Core Part of the curriculum.)



Consider the following source:

Source A

20% of Secondary Students have Intimate Acts when Dating Online Friends A survey conducted by Caritas Hong Kong Youth and Community Service reveals that one of every five secondary students who meet their online friends, would have intimate acts, such as caressing or sexual acts, with the other party. In a video clip of an interview played by the Caritas social workers, a seventeen-year-old girl Siu Lai (pseudonym) said that she had very few friends in real life, so she liked making friends on the web. Two years previously she began to know a male online friend. Siu Lai began to like him after chatting with him online for six months. When the two dated for the first time, they held hands, went shopping, and ate together. After that, the online friend took her to the rear staircase of a building and asked to have intimate acts with her. Siu Lai said that she was slightly scared at that time, but she still complied with the request. "I liked him, so I didn't mind." However, contact between the two stopped afterwards. Siu Lai was very disappointed, but she continued to make friends online. She frankly said that her sexual attitudes had become more open as a result of this experience, and that she would not mind having intimate acts when she meets up with her online friends in future. The founder of Teen AIDS pointed out that youngsters nowadays have few brothers and sisters and so they desire to communicate with people of their age. Youngsters thought that it was necessary to kiss and have sex in order to be loved by people who expressed affection for them, and to be independent. This misguided belief was widely spread by the media.


List two reasons to explain why youngsters in Hong Kong make friends on the web, as reflected in Source A. (4 marks)


According to Source A, Siu Lai had intimate acts with her online friend on their first date. What problems does this reflect regarding her thoughts on establishing intimate relationships with others? Explain your answer. (6 marks)


If you were Siu Lai's parents, and you knew about her experiences, what advice would you give her on establishing intimate relationships with other people? (6 marks)

20 IO-CE-IH-2



Consider the...
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