Lrt Route

Topics: James Street, King Street, Light rail Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Justification of LRT Route
The projected LRT route focuses on the downtown core of the Hamilton area with our four main stops being located at various intersections along King Street West. The stops will be located King at Wellington, King at James, King at Bay, and King at Dundurn. The key reason behind the selection of these stops is because the majority of these proposed stops are currently being used as stops for the HSR B-Line Express route (Hamilton Rapid Transit, 2011). By using stops that are currently being used by HSR bus routes, it makes using the new LRT system much simpler as the passengers will already be familiar with the stops. Also, the main reasoning behind constructing a Light Rail Transit along King Street is because of the significant amounts of destinations located closer to this major street, such as Jackson Square and many other commercial businesses (Hamilton Rapid Transit, 2011). However, this wasn’t the case with the route we had selected before. Prior to finalizing our King Street West route, we proposed routes that ran down James Street South and continued west on York Boulevard. From York Boulevard, the route continued going south on Dundurn Street North and then continued along Main Street West. Although this route covers a larger area, the main problem behind it is the confusion of the route and the unfamiliarity with previous HSR riders. Spacing is another crucial problem that was faced with this proposal. With limited spacing, especially along James Street South, possible traffic problems become a major issue with the implementation of this system. Therefore, we chose to implement the route solely along King Street West due to more spacing, also because this makes the system more efficient in regards to trip times as the whole purpose of the system is to replace the HSR B-Line Express system.

In order to validate the four selected LRT stops, the advantages and disadvantages must be taken into account. By outlining the...
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