Lpg Chapter 1

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Roughly half the LPG people use is consumed in homes for heating and cooking. Typically, this kind of LPG is delivered by road to a large tank placed safely outside a home or other building for safety reasons. The rest of the LPG people use is split roughly equally between cars and industrial uses such as gas burners on construction sites. It can be used in remote places where ordinary gas supplies are unavailable. It's for powering standalone stoves, heaters, barbecues, and outdoor patio heaters . LPG provides instant, controllable heat, so hob cooking is just like cooking on mains gas. However too much exposure to LPG is not good to our health. It can cause fire if it’s not properly installed or used.

Background of the study
LPG’s are used by a lot of establishments. It is also used as an alternative energy to fuel a car. It is easy to use and convenient. So in other words, the LPG is a source of energy that has a lot of usage.

Today people like to live in a convenient way. Using LPG will save more time rather than using wood as a source of heat to cook food. In the PWC of Davao , the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management students have a major subject that will be in MG 101 kitchen laboratory. The MG 101 can occupy 50 students every class. The room is equipped with 6 LPG tanks. LPG can cause cold burns to the skin and it can act as an asphyxiant at high concentrations. In Iloilo The News Today (TNT) in a report gathered at least six deaths of taxi drivers in a 3 month-period with their taxis fueled and runned by LPG tanks. Gas or liquid , these are the leakage types of the LPG.  If the liquid leaks it will quickly evaporate and form a relatively large cloud of gas which will drop to the ground, as it is heavier than air.   LPG vapours can run for long distances along the ground and  can collect in drains or basements.  When the gas meets a source of ignition it can burn or explode.

Statement of the problem

The study is focused on LPG leakage in the PWC of Davao Campus specifically on the kitchen laboratory MG 101.

Specifically, the researchers sought to answer the following questions: 1. What are the causes of LPG leakage?
2. What are the possible solutions to prevent the LPG leakage? 3. What are the possible illnesses or diseases you can get from LPG leakage?

Significance of the Study

The study was primarily conducted to assess the knowledge of the HRM students with regards to the LPG leakage on HRM Kitchen Laboratory. The data gathered and collected by the study will benefit the following: * ConsumersThis study will promote sufficient response to the consumers. It will also warn the public to be watchful and cautious about the health hazards which may be brought about by the LPG leakage.

* HRM StudentsThis will also benefit the students taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management, since they are also using LPG tanks on their kitchen lab subject, it would increase their knowledge and awareness on the hazards of the LPG leakage.

* Future ResearchersLastly, to the future researchers, the result of the study can be used as a reference or basis for conducting future researches that are related to the present study.

Scope and Delimitations

The study aims to determine the LPG leakage on selected HRM Kitchen Laboratory in Philippine Womens College of Davao. This study only wants to record the consequences observed and experienced by certain HRM students while spending there classes on MG 101 HRM Kitchen Laboratory. Moreover the study further examines the effects of the LPG leakage on the health of the students.

For this study, a definite number of students are purposively selected, HRM students who spend there classes on MG 101 HRM kitchen laboratory.

Definition of Terms

The following terms are defined operationally, as how the researchers will use them in the study:

LPG -...
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