Lp Gas Agency System

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction1
2. Problem Statement1
3. Objectives2
4. Scope2
5. Limitations2
6. Methodology3
6.1 Data Collection3
6.1.1 Primary Data Collection3
6.1.2 Secondary Data Collection3
6.2 System Requirement Specification (SRS)3
6.2.1 Functional Requirement3
6.2.2 Non-Functional Requirement4
6.3 Feasibility Analysis4
6.4 Development Model4
6.5 Hardware and Software Requirements6
6.5.1 Hardware Requirements6
6.5.2 Software Requirements6
6.6 Testing Methods7
6.6.1 Unit Testing7
6.6.2 Integration Testing7
6.6.3 System Testing7
7. Time Schedule8
8. Proposed System Overview9
8.1 System Architecture9
8.2 Use Case Diagram10
8.3 E-R Diagram11
9. Expected Outcome12
10. Bibliography12

1. Introduction
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (also called LPG, LP Gas, auto gas, or liquid propane gas) is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles. LP Gas is an essential requirement of our everyday life for lighting fire one of the very necessary elements to do various activities. It is used in wide aspect of human life from cooking, heating, boiling water, running vehicles, industries etc. There are thousands of Nepalese who depend upon LP Gas directly or indirectly. LP Gas Agencies or Distributors are those who are concerned with providing LP Gas to consumers for their daily use. There are number of Gas Agencies around us who are giving us this facility but their system of delivering gas has been direct man to man time consuming process. This LP Gas Agency System is a proposed system that will be designed to work on behalf of Agencies to manage their consumers and deliver the specific, required number of gas to the consumers according to their order. 2. Problem Statement

LP Gas being such vital requirement of our lives, proper LP Gas reservation hasn’t been possible and due to frequent shortage there is no security for deliveries. On the other hand, in this scenario, job-oriented and busy people cannot stand on queues for days for bookings which will hamper their schedules and cause loss of valuable time.

3. Objectives
* To develop an easy to use, user interactive online system for LP Gas Agencies. * Online registration of consumers and marking of their orders. * To keep track of gas stocks.
* To keep track of proper payment and return of cylinders. 4. Scope
* This system helps in online management of consumers.
* Keeps track of Gas Agency details.
* Display statistical data about gas cylinders.
* Provides online gas booking facility.
* Trace payment and return of cylinders.
* Provide proper message during shortage period to decrease panic situation. * Also provides overall information on LP Gas, proper ways to use and handle. 5. Limitations
* This system doesn’t have online payment facility.
* Training is necessary for user to use the system.

6. Methodology
6.1 Data Collection
This system is completely new project with advanced concept of managing LP Gas supply and efficiently handling customer details. It is designed to facilitate dealers to handle customers and customers to reserve LP Gas cylinders. So, proper survey, field visits and researches will be carried out for efficient and user-friendly development of the system. 6.1.1 Primary Data Collection

* Questionnaires
* Interview
* Field visit
Mainly, I carried out following activities:
I visited Gas dealers in my locality. I interacted with them about the kind of system they want for comfort in their on-going business, feasible to customers. I also collected views from local household users about the kind of problems they face and solution they want in reserving gas cylinders. 6.1.2 Secondary Data Collection

* I collected information of LP Gas from internet and books. * I will also collect data from Nepal Gas and popular Distributors in Nepal from web, magazines, books...
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