Loyalty in Today's Society

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Loyalty Today
Loyalty is often neglected in todays society. In earlier days loyalty was a huge deal and the key to our survival. Imagine if the early humans had all betrayed each other instead of working together to find food and shelter. The human race would have quickly gone extinct. The definition of being loyal is being steadfast in allegiance or duty. In other words you are bound to your partners and are trustworthy and you always look out for them. Loyalty is nowhere near as important to todays society. Everywhere you look there is betrayal, friend against friend, coworker against coworker, family against family, and even spouse against spouse. This change did not happen overnight. Over the years it has changed slowly but steadily. The result is the distrust we have today. People can’t walk down the street without fearing theft or assault. The level of loyalty has greatly decreased and will continue to decrease.

Greek Loyalty
Odysseus is faced with many challenges and troubles on his long journey home. Many of these were either avoided or caused by his crew’s loyalty. Their loyalty could have made the difference in how long it took to reach their homeland, how many men were lost, and especially how long Odysseus had to suffer. Since at times they were loyal many escaped from peril. Also, since they were disloyal at times a great number of men were killed. Not only were Odysseus’s crew loyal or disloyal but a number of others were too. Odysseus would have never made his journey without loyalty. One example is Eumaeus. He helps Odysseus when he returns 20 years after he sat sail for the battle. Eumaeus is an ultimate example of loyalty. While Odysseus was gone he stayed loyal and when he returned he risked his life for his master whom he had not seen for 20 years. That definitely could not have been easy. If someone close to you left for that long and you were near sure they were dead it would be difficult to...
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