Loyal Shopper

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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When I stroll through the mall, I see multiple strategies people go about to shop around the store. Shoppers make purchases based on a wide variety of decisions. As I observe, I came across the wanderer, the need-based shopper, the loyal shopper, and the discount shopper. The wanderer is a shopper who wanders around the store as if she ended up there by mistake. She will slowly pace up and down every aisle and around racks to observe items on the hangers. The wanderer may scan and study the items with no intentions to purchase anything. The wanderer comes to the mall for excitement. They have time to socialize because there were no intentions of hurrying out of the store.

The only way a need-based shopper will go to a store is if the item is absolutely needed. When entering the store, the shopper will scan the signs to know exactly where to go. She will by-pass the Buy One Get One Free sales, free samples and all of the good things the mall has to offer. She doesn’t get sidetracked by the pretty shirt hanging next to the checkout line. Shopping is rather a task than an interest for this type of shopper. This is the quickest shopper seen in the store.

The loyal shopper has a select place to shop. No matter what the price, they are dedicated to that one store. These shoppers have had good experiences with the store. The loyal shopper would rather give their money to a store they have dealt with longer over the cheaper price. The loyal shopper is known in the store, simply because they are a regular customer. Price is almost secondary to a loyal shopper. Quality is the major incentive.

Discount shoppers shop frequently. They make their purchase based on the markdowns. Discount shoppers will sometimes come equipped with coupons. When complimented on an item bought, the discount shopper will almost always tell you the price of the item. Discount shoppers use shopping as a hobby, rather than for something they need. They will also come back on the last day...
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