Loyal Freinds

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Having loyal friends is a wonderful experience; I believe that having friends is a support system. Are you aware of the difference from a friend and a loyal friend? The definition of having a loyal friend is reliable, cooperative and faithful. In this essay I will be talking about, the advantages, misjudgment, experiences, and reflections of a loyal friend. To find a loyal friend is not an easy task, but once found it should be cherished.

It’s very important to have a good friend when something happens suddenly no matter good or bad. It’s like sharing each other’s secrets, helping for emergency and advising for life. Everybody must have a good friend in his or her life. If you feel angry and want to talk about his or her bad situation from work or school, having a good friend is a good for listening to what you say.

People are usually misjudged of what a real friend is. It takes time and maturity, for an individual to notice the signs of a loyal friend. You are misjudged by others daily without that person having a clue of who you are. Yes it is true; you must achieve the trust of one and prove it. Risking a friendship is reasonable, but finding out your friend was unfaithful can be distressing. Always better to watch out for hints and clues of a friend who will just deceive you.

As I grow older I notice not only that you must have excellent friends but they must be loyal to you at all times. I had a friend that I would always lend things to, but never returned my items. Another would steal from me; I asked him in person if he had stolen anything from me and denied it. I’ve stopped communications with both of them and explained to them what wrong they had done.

I let my friend David borrow funds and he repaid me the next week, with no hassles. Terrence another companion of mine had used my xbox 360 and returned it when promised with nothing misplaced and everything the way it was. I remembered not to long ago a friend named Anaii, wanted to use my...
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