Lowering the Legal Drinking Age in the United States

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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|Lealavatualua Grohse | |PSY 180: Athena Mauga | |Argosy University Online | |Fall 2013 | |M4A1 Assignment | |I remember when I was younger I dated this one guy.  He was handsome, tall, funny, smart, and everything I seemed to be attracted to.  We went on one of our many dates this one evening to dinner and| |a movie, and the conversation that took place on the way to the restaurant, to the movie, and back home was intriguing.  He went on and on about everything he believed to be interesting, and I sat | |there the whole ride uttering every other minute, “uh huh, oh really?, that’s nice!.”  The relationship dialectic practiced here was “Listening Well.”  For relationships to be effective, it is | |important to be very attentive to what is being said. This includes the ability for thoughtful listening, as well as giving the speaker genuine affirmations (Alberts, 2009).   | |With all the interpersonal effectiveness skills taught in this class, I believe the one that would most help to manage this tension in our relationship (at that time of course), would be...
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