Lowering the Drinking Age---Proposal Paper

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  • Published : December 4, 2008
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Proposal Paper: Lowering the Drinking Age
Although the initiative opens up a popular discussion, Congress, however, does not share this desire to open this topic up for conversation. In 1984, Thorson 2 Organizations such as M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) are already frowning upon the institutions that, assuming the current laws will not be enforced, have shown their support for the Amethyst Initiative. It was stated in September 5th, 2008, in the University of Connecticut’s Daily Campus paper that many schools signed the Amethyst Initiative, but Thorson 3 President Michael Hogan at the University of Connecticut (UConn) did not agree. According to Lisa Troyer, Hogan’s Chief of Staff, he examined the proposition very carefully and considered the issue of binge drinking among college students, not only at UConn but at campuses all across the country. The fault Hogan found with the initiative is that, despite its encouragement for open discussion, he found that it prematurely suggests a solution of lowering the drinking age. Troyer expressed that there was a lack of scientific evidence indicating that this will result in a safer environment for students and a better overall outcome for universities. While this is a valid argument, a lot has changed concerning the ways that students are being educated in the dangers of drunk driving and alcohol consumption. It is not always an issue of statistics and studies revolving the legal drinking age, but a question of at what point students have enough information to make informed decisions and are considered mature enough to have this privilege. At this point, actions are being taken to fund programs in colleges that are used to educate students on binge drinking and how to be responsible. The Department of Education is stressing college campus programs that are designed to prevent binge drinking and violent behavior committed by students by providing the funding for the programs. In receiving this...
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