Lower Secondary English Essays

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Lower Secondary English essays
The career I would like to choose|
I believe that in this day and age when competition is rife among young people to get ahead in life, it is important to get an early start. One should know what one wishes to do with one's life. To this end it is wise to seek advice from one's elders as well as to research the areas of work you might have an interest in, inclination or aptitude for. The idea is to be exposed to as many views as possible. Professional counselling or 'Career Days' may be helpful in this regard.I am fortunate I suppose in that I am reasonably certain what I want to do with my life. I wish to. be a lawyer for I believe it to be a noble and dignified profession. It affords one the opportunity to be of help to others. To a large extent my uncle, who is a lawyer, is responsible for my choice of careers. My uncle has been practising law for the last twenty years and I find him to be knowledgeable in a great many things. My uncle is always fond of saying that a lawyer's trade always involves him having to know about what other people do as well. To put it another way my uncle may be described as a 'Jack of all trades'. Acting on his advice and that of my parents I have decided to work very hard in school so ultimately I will obtain results that are good enough for me to enter the National University. I will have to work hard as places for this course are limited and also much sought after.At the moment however in Singapore there are a rather large number of lawyers and not everyone has a chance to work in the area he or she has trained for. This does not discourage me although it is a source for some concern for my parents. I am planning to take subjects in school that will be suited for my intended course of study in university. Although some may say that it is still much too early for me to narrow my choices or options in this way, I am committed to my goal.
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