Low Voltage Automatic Capacitor Bank

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Low Voltage Automatic Capacitor Banks

Automatic Power Factor Correction For Low Voltage Systems: 240VAC - 600VAC / 75KVAR - 1000kVAR NEPSI Northeast Power Systems, Inc.
May, 1999

LV-ACB™ Product Literature

LV-ACB™ - Low Voltage Automatic Capacitor Banks
Low Voltage Automatic Capacitor Banks for Improving Power Factor, Reducing Transformer Loads and Power Factor Penalties NEPSI’s low voltage automatic capacitor banks are designed for industrial and commercial power systems requiring a single point source of power factor correction at the low voltage level.

NEPSI’s low voltage automatic capacitor banks are designed to endure the harsh electrical and environmental conditions that are typically found in industrial process facilities.

NEPSI’s automatic capacitor banks are housed in NEMA 3R enclosure and is suitably supported, constructed, and assembled to meet the strength and rigidity necessary to meet the requirements given in ANSI/IEEE C37 and UL Standards. All fastening hardware inside and out is stainless steel. To maximize corrosion resistance, the outside of the enclosure is coated with an ANSI 61 light gray enamel finish. The front of the enclosure is equipped with a hinged door for easy access. The doors are mounted on stainless steel hinges and are held shut with 3-point latching handles. The handles are stainless steel and are lockable. Capacitor supports and enclosure base consists of welded C4 structural steel channel. Four removable lifting eyes are provided.

Product Benefits
• •

Automatically controlled power factor regulation. System wide correction with a single piece of equipment. Low installation cost.

Product Features
• • • • • • • • • System is designed with Aerovox 3-terminal ICS capacitors and are rated for conversion to a harmonic filter. Compact modular design with provisions for future expansion in the field. Programmable digital power factor controller with control up to 15 steps. Standard reactive power ratings from 150 kvar to 1000 kvar at 480 and 600 volts (75 kvar to 300 kvar at 240 volts). Higher ratings available upon request. Indoor/Outdoor Design as standard Automatic C/K Calibration UL Listed as Industrial Control Panel (508A) Multi-Ratio Split-Core Current Transformer Supplied as standard. Short lead times.

The capacitor bank consists of UL Listed, low loss, three bushing, industrial rated, metallized electrode, self-healing capacitors with integral discharge resistors mounted in a single steel tank. The capacitors are finished with a UL listed ANSI #61 light-gray finish and meet or exceed the latest applicable ANSI and IEEE standards. The capacitors have a proven 20-year (continuous duty) life expectancy. The capacitor’s steel case is welded and hermetically sealed with an internal pressure interrupter, virtually eliminating the possibility of case rupture. The capacitors are designed for harmonic filter bank duty and can be utilized in a harmonic filter bank retrofit, if required. Discharge Resistors: Each capacitor cell incorporates internal discharge resistors designed to reduce the capacitor voltage to 50 volts or less within one minute after removal from the circuit. Environmental Parameters: Capacitors are designed to operate between -40°C and +46°C (-40°F to +115°F).

NEPSI’s low voltage automatic capacitor banks are designed for low voltage systems requiring automatic power factor correction, reduced system capacity, and improved voltage regulation. The simple modular design allows for future expansion as plant loads increase. The capacitors and system topology is designed for direct conversion into harmonic filters, if the need should ever arise. Installation and startup is simple and free of common problems.

NEPSI Northeast Power Systems, Inc. LV-ACB™ Product Literature Page 2

Each step of the LV-ACB™ is switched with a NEMA rated 600 Volt contactor that is UL listed for...
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