Low Visibility

Topics: Riot, Demonstration, Protest Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Low visibility

The story is epic with a few flashbacks. It is written chronological except for the flashbacks of course. Having the theme freedom makes it easy readable with no kind of provoking the reader. It gives the character(s) a development from the start and to the end.

The story is about a woman called Laura who lives with her husband, John. Her husband beats her and humiliates her by talking nasty to her. It is made very clear that there is no respect between the couple, the man is just dominating and have a wife simply because he should. The woman is totally passive in their relationship as all she does is cooking and doing housewife stuff. For example, when they’re watching TV. She doesn’t watch it, but just sits staring into the air and thinking. There is no connection between them. Of course the weird thing is, why she won’t leave him. It would be obvious if it was because she’s afraid her husband hurting her, because she might not have a place to stay or to hide from him if he wanted to hurt her. In the ‘background’ of the story there is something going on in the city the couple live in. there are some fighting between a mob and the police. We don’t know the reason for the riots, but it’s pretty heavy. They’re shooting different kind of weapons at each other and it’s quite dangerous. The riots in streets could be a symbol for Laura’s life where the mob is the part of her that wants to leave her husband, but are also the weakest in a fight against the police that would be her fear of doing something wrong. The mob is the unsecure chance takers where everything could happen. The police are the ones that wants the situation to be under control even it costs some sacrifices. John says at a point when they’re watching the news on TV about the riots: “what’re they protesting about?” which is to be understood, as he has no idea what damage he is dealing to Laura. That is very psychopathic and explains his way of handling other people.

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