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Low Lake Levels

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Why is the water level in the Great Lakes so low?
Dramatically decreasing water levels of the great lakes are raising many concerns for environment Canada and the Stats surrounding the Great lakes in the United States of America as well. For the past couple of years the water level has been decreasing by a great margin, and is predicted to keep deceasing unless there is a change of climate, resulting in some massive rain fall/ snow fall. The entire Great Lakes Basin is above sea level, with Lake Superior the highest at 180 meters above sea level, then Lakes Michigan and Huron at 176 m, Lake Erie at 174 m, and Lake Ontario lowest at 74 m above sea level.[1] According to Environment Canada the levels of Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior were already running below the 100-year average last year, and now all the Great Lakes are running below that average[2]. As you can see in Figure 1 we see that the levels are decreasing dramatically starting from this year, and the trend is continuing to descend. According to Environment Canada, Erie is down 22 centimeters over the roughly 100-year average for this time of year and 34 centimeters below last year’s levels for the same time; Lake Ontario, 23 cm. lower than average and 24 from last year; Lakes Michigan- Huron, 63 centimeters below average for this time of year and 24 below last year, and Superior is 34 centimeters[3] The decrease in water level as really made sailing a boat is extremely hard. "Boaters are running into rocks a mile off shore." “Boaters are running into rocks a mile off shore,” Biddle told the Star.[4] I believe that the decrease in the Great Lakes water levels is mainly to do with the recent dry weather that we are having. In this research Essay you will read about the Causes that would affect the water level to decrease, the impacts, and mitigation. Causes

Climate / Natural Factors
There are many reasons for the low water levels in the Great Lakes, but the main cause should have to...

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