Low & High Involvement Products

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Definition of High involvement products:

They are products with high capital value goods or services that are psychological important to the buyer because they address social or ego needs and therefore carry social and psychological risk. The buyer is prepared to spend careful, considerable time and effort in searching for the right and most suitable product. They are all expensive products, purchases which tend to be linked to high cost where the advertising is focus on visual and emotional appeals. Lots of celebrity endorsements are used. The products are mostly found at specific locations: showrooms, specialized guide books/ booklets/ magazines and own website (with reference to the brand name)

Some examples of high involvement products are:
For individuals
* Cars, Jewelries, Weddings, Holiday travel plans, House, etc. For businesses
* Office design, Technological infrastructures, Advertising, Hiring of employees (in a certain limit), etc.

Definition of Low involvement products:

They are products which are brought frequently and with a minimum of thought and effort because they are not of vital concern nor have any great impact on the consumer’s lifestyle. The buyer does not associate any risk while purchasing these products as it is often habit buying products. The prices are relatively low, the typical advertising role is to get consumer to sample or switch product thus breaking the habit of spending money with the competitor. Tactical approaches like coupons, sales/discount promos or any other incentives are often used. They are found and displayed easily everywhere, availability is the must.

Some examples of low involvement products:
Bread, Toothpaste, Chewing gums, Stationeries (pens, staples, paper, etc.), Cigarettes, Movies, Candies, etc.

ITEM 01: Poster from Quality Beverages Ltd, Mauritius dated for the World Cup 2010.(Annexed 01) ITEM 02: Advert from the internet on the Website of PEPSI Company. ITEM 03: Advert from the internet

ITEM 04: Advert from the internet

The first advert is showing some well-known footballers (classical endorsement) named “The PEPSI team” for the WORLD CUP 2010. The advert targets youngsters from 6 to 20 years old, from any part of the world, any ethnical values, for male & female, income & social class are negligible, praising footballers as superstars, WORLD CUP fanatics & loving to have a sportive attitude and everyday / moderated buyers.

The second one is showing three well-known celebrities, namely Beyoncé, Britney Spears & Pink (Each of them known for their success in dance and pop music) disguised in female warriors fighting for PEPSI. It targets people from 12 to 24 years old, from any part of the world, of any ethnical values, for male & female, income & social class are negligible, dance & pop music lovers which will also identifies themselves to these stars.

The third one: “Thanks For the pause that refreshes”, once again the advertising is about refreshing and it is targeting a wide range of people as shown in the picture, the age could be from 10 to 65years old where we have Santa Cruz, who is around 65years old and the little girl, around 10years old. Lifestyle and social class aspect are negligible as coca cola is bought by everyone. The fourth one: Coca cola’s aim is to refresh the world in body, mind and spirit, ‘many things move you, only one refreshes’ the target market of the advertisement is youngsters from 15 to 25years old, who like to party, and target people over the world as there are different kind of people. It has also targeted working person as the building clearly show that coca cola can be used in these kinds of places also. Therefore coca cola aims at mass marketing, since it possesses attributes and features aimed at the public at large.

Businesses which would purchase PEPSI are:
* Restaurants/Snacks
It would...
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