Low Fat vs. Fattening Food

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Uriel Galvez Florina Rodov Transitional English 11-03-11 Low fat food and fattening food !

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Fattening food and low fat food are two types of food that Americans consume. Some chose low fat food and others chose fattening food as part of their dietary plan. Although both low fat food and fattening food offer nutritional support for the body, low fat food consists of a healthier ingredients. Fattening food has less healthier ingredients, but is a good source of protein. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to choose between low fat food and fattening food: both can be eaten as part of a healthy diet. A major difference between low and high fat foods is the amount of grams the consumer is to eat to keep a healthy weight. Low fat food provides the consumer with a lower amount of calories per gram as carbohydrates and proteins. A diet composed with lower amount of calories allows the person using the goods to eat twice the grams that they would be eating based on a fattening food diet. On the other hand fattening food can raise cholesterol levels in the blood due to the fact that it has a higher amount of fat per gram. A gram of fattening food contains about 9 calories while a gram of low fat products contain 4 calories. A diet based upon fattening food can cause the consumer to be overweight if the product is abused. People should at least take a minute or two to think about what type of food they will consume. Another big difference between this two types of food is health reactions. Low fat food provides the body with proteins, vitamins, and minerals which make the body consume the needed amount to have a healthy system. In the other hand fattening food

Uriel Galvez Florina Rodov Transitional English 11-03-11 Low fat food and fattening food

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provides the body with the the same ingredients but in a lower amount. The result to the body lacking these and having excess of fat might result in medical complications such as cholesterol. In...
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