Low Fat Diet vs. Low Carb Diet

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  • Published : September 23, 2008
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Low Fat Diet vs. Low Carb Diet
Low Fat Diet
Fat is the number one enemy of a lot of people, particularly the medical people and people going into diet and are health conscious. It gets a lot of the attention for many good reasons. Cholesterol levels in the blood could increase because of it and ultimately a person's risk for heart disease would also heighten. Also, some fatty foods, or basically the delicious foods such as bacon, sausage, and potato chips often have fewer vitamins and minerals than low-fat foods (Zelman, 2007). Moreover and that’s why dieters stay away from fat, it has about twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrates and proteins. A gram of fat has 9 calories, while a gram of carbohydrate or protein has 4 calories. In other words, a person could consume twice as more carbohydrates or proteins than fat, yet they would only be incurring the same amount of calories. Naturally, having a diet high in fat can lead to weight gain. And to do the opposite may lead to weight loss. But just eating low-fat foods to lose weight is not sufficient nor that a good idea. One should watch how many calories they eat. Of course it was said that fat has a lot of calories, but it must still be remembered that there are a lot of extra calories that can come from fat-free, transfat-free, and low-fat foods get stored in the body as fat. Many times people make the mistakes of replacing high-fat foods for high-calorie foods, like sweets, and of course still gain weight rather than lose weight. To lose weight, calories consumed should be burned more than be stored. You can achieve this goal by exercising more and by eating less fat and calories. The right way is to lose fatty foods in one’s system but still incorporate other things like exercising and losing high calorie foods as well. A proper low fat diet would entail a person to decrease his or her total intake of fat 20 or 30% of his or her total daily calories. Cholesterol should be reduced to 300mg or...
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