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Topics: Task, Education, Color Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: May 22, 2013
1. TEN GREAT LOW-COST TEACHING TOOLS Educational material created by Prof. Alejandra Masís Artavia, 2011. 2. INTRODUCTION This presentation’s aim is to provide teachers with ten low-cost teaching tools. Moreover, it seeks to explain the importance of using these tools and how they can be used in several ways, as Kevin McCaughey states in his article. 3. Tool 1: Scissors (and scratch paper)Importance of using scissors: they transform a single piece of scratch paper into 10, 20, and even 50 paper squares. These paper squares can be distributed to students for instant writing tasks. The pieces of paper can be used to generate describing and guessing games. Craft-oriented tasks like cutting and slicing. 4. Tool 2: Timers Importance of using timers:- Students should know how much time they have to finish the task.- Students know about their progress- Time management and self-pacing are encouraged.- Time limits can change the mood of a task. Get a visible countdown device. 5. Tool 3: Call bell Importance of using a call bell: teachers use this tool to call students’ attention without relying on their own voice; it fosters effective time management. You can use any sound device (a whistle, a buzzer). You can use specific musical themes recorded on your MP3 player, computer, or cell phone. You should have a different sound to START and STOP a task. 6. Tool 4: Pizza box lids Importance of using pizza box lids: teachers can create board games on the box lids. The advantages of using pizza box lids:- They are light, durable, flattish, and easy to carry.- Students will enjoy creating their own board games.- Students increase creativity and critical thinking. All sorts of cardboard boxes will work: cereal boxes, drink cartons. 7. Tool 5: Dice Importance of using dice: Teachers can design countless activities. Other benefits:- Teachers can create advanced tasks with two or more dice per group or dice of different colors.- Students and teachers can create their own dice...
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