Low Carbon Life

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Carbon, Petroleum Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Under the background of overusing natural resources and severe pollution, low-carbon life is of great necessity and importance to balance the economic development and environmental protection on sustainable basis. Low-carbon life refers to a lifestyle that advocates energy saving and releasing less the industrial waste.

Low-carbon life contributes to maintaining climate stability. Economy wound not develop at such a high speed especially for heavy industries, without tremendous consumption of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and so on. Carbon dioxide emitted in those manufacturing accounts for most part of total number in the air. What is worse, global-house effect resulted from it makes it possible that icebergs in two poles melt, the earth troubling into flood disasters. Therefore, for sake of our safety and lives, scientists are supposed to develop clear energy, which can be commonly used at low costs to take place of fossil fuels.

Low-carbon life leads to healthy life with high quality of the air. The prosperity of automobile industry causes the big threat to environment and human health. Living in high efficient time, we can ride bus to save cars to save time and energy. However, the burning of gasoline makes waste gas, full of harmful materials. Although plants could absorb some of them, purifying the air, consequently both human beings and plants enjoy a short life. In this respect, government should adopt some decrees to limit the use of petroleum for private cars and collect the fine on extra use for environmental protection. Moreover, planting more trees is helpful to the reduction of carbon dioxides and other poisonous gases.

Low-carbon life accelerates the realization of sustainable development. It is the imbalance of economic prosperity and environmental protection that easily leads us into a dilemma. The emergence of low-carbon view offers a solution to it. For one thing, we utilize fewer natural resources to block carbon dioxides...
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