Low and Middle Class Business Owners Are Educated

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Low and Middle Class Business Owners Are Educated

By | May 2008
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Low and Middle Class Business Owners are Highly Educated

Each day millions of people encounter many different types of small businesses whose purpose is to assist those customers with a particular interest. For example, many people may like to start off the day by going into a delicatessen to buy breakfast and then occasionally might have to stop by a gas station where a newspaper or a pack of cigarettes may catch their attention while they are filling up gas. Around lunchtime, a person may grow an appetite for Italian food, Chinese food, American food, Mexican food or even other types, in which each type of meal calls for a different store whose purpose is to serve that specific cultural meal. Many people may then spend the afternoon shopping for clothes, shoes, and/or food for the house. Women may have an appointment for a nail treatment, spa treatment, or a haircut. In other words, if people take the time to notice how they spent their day, they may realize they had sought many types of businesses for a particular purpose. However, they may also realize that many of these everyday small businesses, not including department stores and mega-multi shopping stores such as Wal-Mart, are generally run by minorities, who include African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and women, and/or people of middle class status. It is obvious that owning and running a successful business is not an easy day-to-day task. Yet, a management position or even an employee position in a small privately owned business may not be as difficult to obtain a professional position in a large company whose typical minimum requirement would be to have a bachelor’s degree. This leads to the stereotype that a majority of the employees and owners of small privately owned businesses do not have the required education that would allow them to gain a professional career. Since a college education is a large expense and requires a lot of time, minorities of the lower to middle class may not be able to...

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