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  • Published : June 19, 2011
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The lovely bones a film directed by Sir Peter Jackson is a dramatic movie about a 14 year old girl named Susie Salmon who is murdered by her neighbour. The movie is about the journey she and her family and friends have to go through to come to grips with her sudden death and discover her murderer.

Drama is mostly targeted at an adult audience and is for both genders. Because of the strong emotions and sensitive storylines they can be a hard watch, the lovely bones specifically because of the horrific scenes and themes behind the movie. Sir Peter Jackson uses the structural ‘’rules’’ outlined by Linda Segar with the two turning points of her death and then her father finally knowing who the murderer is. The climax is of her seeing the seven other girls he has murdered and the conclusion of her crossing over and Mr. Harvey’s death. The purpose of Sir Peter Jackson’s film the lovely bones is to show how differently people cope with death and possibly how killers think and act and her crossing over.

Narrative structure
Sir Peter Jackson uses the structural convention of parallel action which is two storylines or scenes taking place simultaneously which are intercut to show them. In the lovely bones it is to show the contrast of the two different scenes and how they are separate but are also still connected. Parallel action is commonly used in drama genre films because it highlights, contrast (like the lovely bones) or compares two events that have been cross cut. In this film it is to show the contrast of the two scenes and there different situations of her family home and her horrific death and how her family are unaware and how it slowly dawns on them. This creates not only drama but obstacles like finding out the killer, getting over the death and Susie coping with the fact she is dead etc. And this is why Sir Peter Jackson has used parallel action to create obstacles so the film can continue and the characters have to overcome and that is why this is...
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