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“Life is a gift from God and it’s too short, no one can tell when life of an individual will end but God” so me, I enjoy my life every day, every minute, every second or even every millisecond cause that’s the way how I show my appreciation of what God has given to me. Aside from our Lord, I also value the Love that my parents, relatives and fellas give me continuously. That is a massive thing to me because that Love is my strength, power and my bravery to endure life every day.

Myself? Do I really know myself? A question that is so easy to answer, but if the answer of your mind is YES well then your mind’s answer is incorrect. For me, the one who knew you most are your pals. How can I say? Simply because there are lot of things that your friends notice in you and you can’t say anything but, “Oh my God, I’m like that. I’m so sorry”

Anyways, this is Ma. Emelyn C. Malabanan speaking in front of you all. I have a simple life and I grew up in a not so rich family but my parents Rafael and Emelita Malabanan did their very best to raise us. They are the two most important people in my life, the reason why I’m striving hard to finish High school up to College so that I can give them back all the goodness that they have given to me. Someday I wish to have a profitable life because I want it to share with them and give them the best life that they didn’t imagined even in their wildest dream. For me, they are the rival teachers and even if they don’t give grades I know that they made me pass because I’m their daughter and that’s how much they love me. I graduated elementary at Saint Raphael Archangel Parochial School but my auntie was the one who paid all the payments there because my parents can’t afford that school.

Now, I’m relishing my teenage life because of the people who taught me how to enjoy it.
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