Love vs Money

Topics: Drug addiction, Want, Need Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: December 3, 2012
A very debatable subject, love or money? Which is more important? I believe that love is more important, no matter what today’s society has become. My view is based on the fact that simplicity and being humble is what you need to survive, if you have them, then the rest comes your way. Some of the most happiest people in the world are not necessarily wealthy. Why are some of the wealthiest people alcoholics and drug addicts? Why do they need substances to get their thrills out of life? Why did and does Jesus teach about love, rather than money? Others might now feel the same, but I strongly believe that love is more important than money for a range of reasons. I believe, and as should you, that if you are humble and not greedy for money, that happiness, and everything that needs to be taken care off will sort itself out. You don’t need to have mountains of money to be happy. A greedy person will be happy with no amount of money, whereas a humble person will be happy with whatever he has and accept it. If you waste your time longing for money you will never be happy, but if you are content with what you have, and you live for what you got, you will always be happy. Happiness isn’t hard to find if you look, its everywhere you look. If money was more important than love then why are some of the most famous celebrities alcoholics and drug addicts? Charlie Sheen? He needs drugs to save himself from a boring life where money can’t buy you anything more. Some celebrities also take drugs to the point where they die, Amy Winehouse? Whitney Houston? They had an ongoing problem which led to their passing. Their addiction was a way to excite their boring life, where there is nothing left that money can buy. It is very clear that money can’t buy happiness. For all those who believe in God, Jesus, our savior taught whoever he spoke to, to be humble, and to not always want more and to be happy with what we have. He continuously made sure we knew that money did not cater for...
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