Love vs Infatuation

Topics: Love, William Ellery Channing, Emotion Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: August 11, 2009
“Love is the life of the soul. It is the harmony of the universe” (William Ellery Channing, n.d.). For many, the simple, four lettered word becomes a mere state of obsession. Everybody wants to be in love but not everyone understands its true meaning. Too often infatuation takes over and consumes one’s desire to find real love. When one meets a special person, someone who makes their heart race and their knees weak, how does one know if they’ve found true love or pure infatuation? Love can be modernly defined as the lifelong commitment one makes to another person, while always regarding the highest good for that person (Chastain, 2008). According to Ann Landers, love is a friendship that has caught fire. Much like a plant, love takes root and grows one day at a time (Landers, n.d.). In order to thrive, it requires plenty of special attention and care. One must be patient, because love takes time to evolve. Whereas, infatuation is merely an instantaneous feeling filled with intense desire to love or be loved based on physical attraction. Infatuation lacks the emotional and intellectual connection that true lovers share. Love is a special bond held between two people, connecting them solely through a unified link of trust, intimacy, and interdependence (Love Sessions, 2009). When loves evolves, two souls are united as one. Love adjusts and grows as life experiences take place. When the going gets tough, love flourishes through a deep commitment and sense of understanding; love is selfless. Infatuation boasts selfishness. When infatuated, one simply cares for another person based on what they have to offer to oneself rather than to the relationship as a whole. Infatuation is an “unrealistic expectation of blissful passion without positive growth and development” (Drew, 2004). Certain symptoms of love and infatuation can appear similar, often making it hard to distinguish between the two. Both make one feel good, but infatuation is a thrill; it makes one excited and...
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