Love Versus Infatuation

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Personal life Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: April 9, 2009
Is it Love? Or Infatuation? People of all ages get mixed up between love and infatuation. It’s hard to tell which one they are feeling, when caught up in the excitement. A relationship between two people usually starts as infatuation. Over time, relationships change. Infatuation may develop into love. With infatuation, there is a likeness towards someone that is similar to love. Infatuation is like a crush. When someone loves another, he or she thinks of the other person as well as themselves. The relationship develops slowly and naturally. He or she trust that person without a doubt in their mind. They both have lives outside of the relationship. The relationship stays strong through the good and bad times. Love is loving someone even when they don’t love back. Love is wanting to see that person happy even if someone has to let go. Infatuation, on the other hand is a little different. The relationship happens suddenly after meeting once or twice. He or she is dependent on their partner to feel good about themselves. He or she may have more to get from the relationship than to give to it. He or she may become jealous of the other’s friends or activities. Infatuation is usually based on physical attraction. It is getting that person at any cost. When someone is infatuated, there are nagging doubts and unanswered questions. Love is real. It gives strength and everyone around is warmed by that person’s presence, even when they are away. Love is patient and he or she can plan their future with confidence. With infatuation, he or she may try to rush into things such as marriage, because they’re afraid of losing their partner. Infatuation lacks confidence. When they’re away, he or she goes looking for things. Love means trust. He or she is calm, secure and unthreatened. Love will last through all sorts of trials, tribulations and stresses. Love is forgiving. Many people get infatuation and love confused. When they are depending on someone else in their life to cater...
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