Love to the Country

Topics: Nationalism, World War II, United States Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Nationalism. Custom Nationalism Essay Writing Service || Nationalism Essay samples, help The concept of nationalism is quite complicated, and many scholars still debate about it in academic circles. Nationalism has been defined differently by scholars who have developed various schools of thought about it. “Nationalism involves a proper classification of a group of people with a political unit stated in national terms” (Allan, 2004). It can also be explained as a unifying factor since it aims at uniting a group of people who share common social and cultural values. Many historians believe that nationalism began in the post medieval period in Europe. According to Kohn, nationalism began in 1642, while Acton believes that it started developing during the partition of Poland in 1772. However, Kedourie contends that it began in 1806 in Berlin. Many scholars believe that it originated during the French Revolution that took place in 1789. “This is because the French Revolution introduced the aspects of nationalist ideas, which were brewing up during the past two centuries” (Smith, 2001).  Trevor Roper traces the origin of nationalism in Germany, and Hungary. From these territories, it was spread to Eastern and Southern Europe by intelligentsias. The idea of nationalism later spread to Asia and Africa.  This paper seeks to discuss how nationalism led to European interest in both Africa and Asia. Nationalism became one of the major developments that took place during the period of 19thcentury.  “During this period, nationalism was witnessed in various European territories such as Italy, Germany and France” (Allan, 2004). The 19th century was also characterized by despotic regimes like Germany, which dominated international politics. In 1871, there was a significant development in Germany, which changed its role in world affairs. In this case, it became unified, and this made it more stable than before. Just like other freshly formed states, Germany increasingly became...
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