Love Story

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My name is  Ray .
I never  became serious about love . Because I believed there is  nothing such as this . I always remained  a cool dude . I bet you people have seen  the movies  Kickass , Vampire Suck , The Dictator, etc . The fun you people get by seeing those movies  I  used  to get that by seeing romantic films & the love stories . I thought that there is no such thing as love AND IF THERE IS IT IS FOR THE GAY’s . But I didn’t know life had a big surprise for me . Some girls in my class had a flirty attitude towards me . And of course I enjoyed that . But after sometimes I used to get bored . Almost everyone in my class knew me because I was that popular . My life remain the same until  Jane came to my life.  I first  met  her  in the classroom . I still remember  her entering  to  the  classroom . When I first saw her I kept staring at her . I couldn’t take my eyes from her . If  I say she was just beautiful it will be wrong . She was more than just beautiful . If I had words to describe her beauty I would have written a dozens of books about it . Her dazzling eyes and the little nose caught most attraction of me . Her face had something which had the amazing power to gain attraction . She didn’t have to do anything to get the attention of the boys around . She sat beside Rachel . I  threw a paperball to Rachel and asked her to sit in my place . She gave a smile which was showing that she knows why I want to come over there . We swapped our places . After some time she turned to me . She gave me a confusing look . She was kind of surprised . Before she could ask me anything I asked her name . “Jane” and  then she want back observing the class . I bet till then she at least observed the half of the class . “My name is Ray”

“Nice to meet you”
The situation in there was killing my nerves . We were in the same bench & I was not getting any attention from her  . But in the first time in my life  I became a little less brave than I usually am . I was in an awkward position . I  was confused . I wasn’t able to start a normal conversation .  But I didn’t know that she was not just as normal as other . She turned to me again and with a damn look she said to me. “How silly!!!! Don’t you have the guts to talk with me??? . I am here sitting with you for half an hour. And till now you have just tell your name”. I am new here . You should introduce me to everyone . I introduced her to everyone . She was so full of life . I think because of this she became the life of our classroom . In three months she won hearts of everyone in the classroom . But mostly mine . When she used to smile she even looked more beautiful. In this three months we became very good friends . She changed the heck of my life . I usually don’t attend class regularly but just to see her face I started to attend class regularly . I didn’t realize how my friendship  for her turned into love .. The COOL DUDE turned into a lover boy . I wasn’t the same as I was before . Because I was madly in love with her.  But I wasn’t sure that she feels the same as I feel for her or not . I couldn’t gather the strength to express my feelings to her . It was  tough to kneel before her and say I LOVE YOU . Will you be mine forever ??? But I didn’t do that . I called her and asked her to meet me in the park beside our College . She came . The long wait was over .  

“Hey!!!! Why have you called me here??? You said that its urgent” “Please sit . Listen I want to tell you  something” .
“What it is” ???
“I don’t know how to tell . I ……. I…….. I………..” “What”????
“I love you . Please don’t misunderstand me . I have been in your love since the first day I saw you . I am not forcing you to love me . But I just want to know DO YOU FEEL THE SAME THAT I FEEL FOR YOU”???? “No!!! I don’t”

“Thanks. I have gotten my answer” .
Like a destruction in my heart I stood there.I was about to leave . But she called my name “Ray!!! Hold on . I said I don’t feel as you feel about me . But...
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