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Love Speech

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  • November 1, 2009
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Love Speech
Time for a little rant. If you are easily offended, by all means, read on.. I am sick and tired of all the scared people. I am sick and tired of the insecure, intolerant hypocrites. I am disgusted with people who will do anything to avoid exposure to alternate points of view. There are way too many intolerant hypocrites within the government working diligently to forcefully silence anyone who dares voice an opposing belief. Rather than embracing diversity and listening to the ideas of others, the intolerant hypocrites behave like spoiled brats, stuffing their fingers in their ears and accusing others of so-called “hate speech.” Not only are these people unwilling to hear your voice and listen to what you have to say, these people are willing to steal your freedom of speech and even punish you for speaking your mind. I have yet to encounter one of these pathetic, intolerant people face to face, but the day that I do — trust me — they are going to hear about it whether they want to or not. Perhaps you have an opinion about a particular group of people? You hater. Or better yet, beliefs about religion and morality? Hate, hate, hate! Politics? Sorry, that’s hate too. Don’t even dare voice your opinions around the intolerant ones or they will do everything in their power to silence, humiliate, and punish you. With locked-down minds, these hypocrites have the audacity to classify certain types of speech as “hate speech.” Because they just can’t handle differing ideas, they plan, scheme, and make deals to remove your right to have them! Say goodbye, “right to free speech” — you are only allowed to say things that the intolerant, close-minded hypocrites allow you to say. Why are these people so unable to even consider the opinions, thoughts, and beliefs of people who are — gasp! — different than they are? Not as “educated” as they are? Not as “privileged” as they are? Is it because the hypocrites are too shallow, scared, and insecure in their own...