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In every relationship, there are two halves. One you can control, yours and the other is controlled by the other half in the relationship. This paper will emphasis on what it takes to have a true relationship with someone, rather if it is a friend or lover all the components need to be in place just like the solar system with the planets aligned. If your planets are not aligned in a relationship, it is doomed to fail. This paper will discuss the methods that are valuable to have a long lasting relationship if properly put into place. Egocentricity, have power over and fear will break almost any relationship. Kindness, independence and love will create the most beautiful relationship: an enduring romance.

Relationships & Love
Relationships and Love are one of the most important aspects in a person’s life. I am reading a great book titled The Mastery of Love by Ruitz. This book shows great analogies of love and relationships. One of my favorite discussions in the book relates to the ultimate relationship is between humans and man’s best friend-the dog. This might sound frivolous but if you can have a long lasting relationship with a dog, you can have one with anyone. There are some essential rules of relationships and love one must follow but it like teaching an old dog a new trick. Types of Relationships

Relationships between individuals start every day, from purchasing a cup of coffee at the local convenient store to being in a plane crash stuck on a deserted tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. While the later might be a less frequent, it will be a relationship with many individuals that last a lifetime. There are many types of relationships that can develop over a period of one’s life and I will discuss the most common. Sibling

A sibling relationship is between brothers and sisters, brother and brother, and sisters and sisters. The brother or the sister might be older or younger but they have an instant relationship as one is brought into the family. Sibling relationships persist over the entire life span for most adults. (Tetri, 2001). Sibling relationships in adulthood may be extremely close, or highly rivalries. The majority of sibling relationships in have been found to be close. (Cicirelli, 1991) At a young age, siblings can be a role model for a younger sibling. Those siblings who are psychologically close to each other in adulthood tended to be that way in their childhood. It is rare for sibling closeness to develop for the first time in adulthood. (Dunn, 1984) Friendship

There are many different levels of friendship. You could be an acquaintance with someone, you see in passing down the street or the local coffee shop. You could be a colleague with someone from work, school or church. The level of friendship is what is contained in the relationship and how it develops over a period of time. You can develop a friendship at the barista at Starbuck’s if you are an avid coffee drinker and go there every morning; eventually the barista is going to remember you and the coffee selection you ordered.

Friendship can develop from the first day of class. The first day of class the classroom is usually very quite. Until, you have broken the ice with the classmates and usually by class two it’s a loud ruckus in the room before the instructor enters.

Here is an example of what true friendship should be and it come from the Bible. Jonathan and David, When David and Jonathan met; they became close friends at once. Their friendship is one of the deepest and closest recorded in the Bible. They based their friendship on commitment to God, not to just each other. They let nothing come between them, not even career or family problems. They drew closer together when their friendship was tested. They remained friends to the end.

Jonathan, the prince of Israel, later realized that David, and not he would be the next king. But that did not weaken his love...
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