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Chapter 1


Radio broadcasting brought a pioneering sense of community and a period of immediate communication. Radio has the individuality of a medium with the greatest reach to people in all places in several conditions. It is a personal medium that people spend most time with providing sufficient opportunity for a message to be communicated among its audience since it has its supremacy to befriend. Through this, people have the ability to do multiple activities while simultaneously listening to radio. Radio is the main alternative when it comes to finding out the possible events in the community. It satisfies the need to date on news rapidly and efficiently. Not like any other medium, the fact that one can only listen to it, the sights and sounds of radio created within the listeners stimulates his or her imagination.

Radio is not only meant to give information to the public but it is also created to entertain them through music. People have their option to choose whether they want to be just informed about what is happening around them or they just want to be relaxed by listening to music. Their option is whether to tune in to what is called “Amplitude Modulation” or AM or to “Frequency Modulation” or FM. In Philippine setting, AM radio stations are those which usually provide news and current events while different genre of music are being played in FM stations.

Between these two kinds of modulation, the FM in the country has the more number of stations than the AM as per record from the National Telecommunications Commission, a government agency that regulates the broadcast industry. Based on NTC’s record, there are 382 AM stations and 628 FM stations listed in the Philippines as of June 2007. FM stations normally gauge the number of listeners through requests or calls they get every day. According to Melecio Alfante, chairman of Best Broadcasting Corp., “People know new songs through the radio; FM stations are still considered one of the sources of information, especially when it comes to music and entertainment, apart from television and the Internet, because of its wider (local) coverage. Listeners even visit booths to download songs”. According to Terry Doyle, a Media Training Specialist he said that, “music on this station is important because it is the single most important tool to build a strong identity and an easy tool to use to capture and keep my core listener. My aim is simple and that is to be certain that my core listener (38 year old female) will love (not like) the music I play. I intend the radio station to take the number one position in her mind so that when she wants to listen to some good music she listens to my station first.” In order to build a strong identity, FM radio stations create their own strategies to persuade people.

Radio stations are in many ways unequal; they make use of a number of different strategies to be persuasive. The more varied of strategies they utilize, the more persuasive they can be. One of the FM stations which are using variety of strategies in order to attract more listeners is the 90.7 Love Radio of the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC). According to Manila Broadcasting Company, “90.7 Love Radio had undisputedly hung onto its top spot on the FM band for 8 years running. With the undisguised tack of simulating deejay characterizations and programming styles made popular by our FM stations, other networks have inadvertently admitted MBC’s winning formula with both advertisers and the listening public.” The Nielsen Media Radio Audience Measurement shows that 90.7 Love Radio held its record as the number one radio station for already 8 years out of the 21 radio stations in Mega Manila (Metro Manila and suburbs). Day or night, 90.7 Love Radio had consistently beaten all other AM and FM stations on the Monday-Sunday, 12 midnight- 12 midnight daily run. Surveys showed that the station had, in effect, created three prime time slots for...
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