Love Poems

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Love poems
The poem “i carry your heart with me” is written by Edward Estlin Cummings. The poem is a love poem and the theme is therefore also love or to be more precise a very deep and intense love, which can be seen just by looking at the headline “i carry your heart with me”. The poem talks about a very profound love, the kind of love strong enough to “keep the stars apart” as seen in the second last line of the poem. The poem consists of 3 stanzas and it’s refrained by “i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)”. That particular sentence is in the beginning and end of the poem. In the beginning it can be seen only as a statement and people can doubt it, but in the end all the poets’ thoughts and feelings have been expressed, and the reader can see that it’s a genuine feeling and that’s very hard to argue with. There’s no punctuation and no big letters throughout the entire poem, which also make it very obvious that practically the entire poem is a run-on-line. This way of writing is very typical for this poet – he even writes his own name with small letters although he does use punctuation when writing his initials. Also there aren’t any rhythms in the poem, but when it’s read aloud the poem still has its own unique flow. During the entire poem the poet makes these brackets after the end of every sentence for example: “i fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) in the second stanza line 1. The words he writes in these brackets seems to be meant for someone– perhaps the person he thought about when writing the poem. The fact that the poet puts these words in brackets makes them very private and they also make the words seem like a secret. In addition the entire poem makes sense if you read it without the words in the brackets. But if you read the poem without the brackets you’ll miss the secret in the third stanza from line 2 to 4, where the poet seems to describe love as the essence of life and as an unconditional feeling no one can really...
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