Love Poem

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Love Poem
Juan Ramón Jiménez writes love poem, his poem talk about a man who try to know a beautiful woman, and he finds nothing, but everything around him changed; it’s more beautiful and greater. In line 1, He uses word “unpetalled” which means he explore inside her to know her, and he writes “like a rose”(76), I thinks she must be really beautiful. He can’t see her soul but everything around him is become more and more great. From the earth to beyond infinite is filled full with fragrance and vitality. I think he fall in love with this woman. The structure in this essay is really different. The forth sentence is moved to the right of the poem. Specially, this poem doesn’t have a title; thus, maybe, the poet intends to let reader name the poem follow the reader’s thinking. Reading this poem, I can see that love is so beautiful. The most interesting poem is “The Word Plum” written by Helen Chasin. I really like this poem. It’s the most interesting, special and tasted I ever read. It’s special from the title till the end. It describes a plum; how does it taste? How do people feel when it comes to mouth? ; Indeed, the poet describes love under the cover is a plum. Specially, the title is not “A Plum”, it is “The Word Plum”; I think the poet purpose is not only about a plum but also how to pronoun it. Maybe, the poet’s idea is that love is like a plum, it’s taut, juicy, a little bit tart and a little bit sweet. When you pick a plum up, you can see it is red, soft and taut; close your eyes, take a bite; the juice come out, go through your teeth, touch your lip then enter your tongue. Your tongue feels the sour first and then the sweet. Your teeth feel the taut flesh of a plum. Your lip feels the fresh of a plum through juice. Try to pronoun the word “plum”, you push your lip out then take it back, right? I think that is the reason why she says “question/and reply, lip and tongue/of pleasure.”(9, 10, 11). Just like “The Word Plum”, love is taut,...
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