Love, Peace, and War

Topics: Love, Meaning of life, War Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Often time’s people confuse the meaning of peace, love, and sometimes war. Peace often times is the cure for many differences in the world today. If the world wasn’t always at a moment of not agreeing we wouldn’t have war going on. With all kinds of war going on it makes you think that there are all kinds of people with hatred in their hearts. I think if there was enough love in the world it would be such a better place to live. I believe love is a big word with a lot of meaning that some people just don’t really understand. Everyone has their way of showing love or having their definition of what love is. My opinion is that love is a way you show someone what you feel towards them and that you confide in them but also have respect for them. Without love I think there would be more conflict between people which would cause more war. Peace has been an ongoing fight throughout the years. Most people today stand strong with wanting peace world-wide. I myself want peace or at least to stop the war and have our troops with their families. I hate watching how people die because of the difference there is world-wide between countries. If we all came to an agreement war wouldn’t be going on. War, I think is a combination of not having peace and love throughout the countries. When there isn’t peace and love in the hearts of the people who are fighting, that’s where all the conflict comes into place. Where there is conflict going on war isn’t too far behind it. If the world could get along and not have disagreements there would be peace world-wide and no war going on. People often misinterpret the meaning of love, peace, and war. If there isn’t there isn’t peace there’s war. If there isn’t war there’s some kind of peace. If there isn’t love there’s hate. If there isn’t hate then there’s love. Now that you know how it works you can decide whether or not you’ll...
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