Love or Honor

Topics: Ranking, Love, Non-parametric statistics Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: July 27, 2011
Love or Honor
When I first read “The Alligator River Story” and was asked to rank the five characters from most honorable to least honorable I believed it to be a daunting task. However, in my opinion I believe that Abigail was the least honorable, ranking her fifth, of the five characters simply because she gave in to Sinbad, a river boat captain, who said he would be glad to take her across if she would consent to go to bed with him. Not only did she consent to his terms, but she also told Gregory what she had done in order to get to him. Which in and of itself was honorable. However, when Gregory cast her away with disgust she became heartsick and dejected. She turned to her friend, Slug, who listened to her story who defended Abigail’s honor. So Slug ranked most honorable ranking first on my list. When I ranked Sinbad he was fourth on my list because he simply gave her a choice. Then of course there was Ivan, another friend, who wanted no part of Abigail’s drama. Ivan ranked third on my list because there was really no basis on whether or not he was honorable or dishonorable. Then there is Gregory who did nothing but stick to his expectations and when Abigail no longer lived up to those expectations he no longer wanted her. Therefore he ranked second on the list. These rankings were based on past and present personal experiences. However, as a group we found reaching a consensus to be a difficult task. Although, the majority of the group Ware 2

had chosen Abigail as the least honorable there were a couple of group members who had chosen Sinbad and each member had valid points as to why they chose Sinbad for least honorable. However, I was unable to be persuaded to list Sinbad as my fifth simply because I felt that the most dishonorable character was Abigail. She claimed that she did it for love. However, when Gregory turned her away and no longer wanted her. She explained the situation to her friend, Slug, and he went and brutally beat up Gregory....
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