Love Must Not Be Forgotten

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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This story is about a diary of a woman that loved a man and could not forget his name neither him. Because his love was so grateful that it could change someone forever and scar him (her). That u need to fight for your true love and never let it go because it will ruin your life like it happened to her. This story is all about a marriage without love is nothing just a torture day by day. A story of true love and despair and the pain that a woman feel’s every day. She feels that he may not love her cause he doesn’t know to express himself properly. That he was too quiet and didn’t speak a lot about himself or anything. That she will not marry a guy without her knowing she loves him. But a marriage without love will just torture her like it happened to her mother. For marrying a guy she will first need to know what she liked and why did she truly love him. That love can beat any obstacle it faces and tries to stop it. That love will make you do irrational things and not even think almost all that stuff thoroughly. You got to fight for it because it can become “A poison worse than death itself (Love Must Not Be Forgotten, 2011). In true love there are no boundaries neither limits where it will go or grow. This and ill-fated love, that’s it’s a tragedy too the reader. She felt nothing towards her husband, because they didn’t love each other. She didn’t know what she wanted when she was young and that when you’re young and low of judgment you don’t always make the best decision. She didn’t know what she wanted and that’s the reason she didn’t marry again. That she didn’t want to take the big risk of asking him to get married and then getting rejected and losing him forever. Her mother was her closest friend. Her mother was one of the person’s that she could rely on for telling her everything. That she letting pass her chance with her true love and that has been making her unhappy her whole life. That she repents about letting him go and just try and give...
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