Love Letter

Topics: Short story, Love, Difference Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Many short stories have been changed in many ways to make it an amazing movie like The Love Letter. The Love Letter is a great example of a short story turned into an amazing movie. The movie and short story have similarities, differences, and similarities with slight differences that may be different, but it doesn't change the meaning of the story. Compare to other movies The Love Letter is a movie that's a short story made into a long length movie. In the short story and movie of The Love Letter they both have similarities. For example, there's an antique desk that the male character buys when he goes looking for a desk. Once he gets it home he examines the desk and finds love letters from a lady of the past name Elizabeth. There's also the post office where the male character sends his first letters to Elizabeth. This is when both characters start writing love letters to each other. At the end of both the short story and movie Jake or Scotty finds Elizabeth's tombstone that says "I Never Forgot". In both the short story and movie the two characters don't get married to anyone, but fall in love with each other through the love letters. Not only does the movie and short story have similarities, but these similarities have slight differences in it. The similarities of both the movie and short story have slight differences in it that make the story a little different from each other. For example, the antique desk that is bought in the short story fastens to the wall compared to the desk in the movie that stands on its own. Another thing is the slight difference between the character's name from the short story that he's named Jake and in the movie he's named Scotty. There’s also the drawer in the desk that you find out in the short story that there's three drawers with three letters and in the movie there's one drawer with multiple of letters. These might be similarities with slight differences, but the major differences make a...
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