Love is a Lie: George Orwell's Classic Novel

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Orwell explored the perils of “truth and untruth” in his classic novel, 1984. It is through Julia and Winston’s forbidden affair that they discover that “Love is a lie”. Do you agree? Discuss. George Orwell, identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society with his novel 1984, reveals the relationship amongst the meticulous Winston and Julia in a manner that alters people’s perspectives. It is through their condemned affair that the pair evinces that love is admittedly a fraudulent lie. Powerlessly living in a restricted and manipulated world, Winston and Julia have their lives subjugated through a convoluted system of cultural conditioning. Betrayal is fortified by the government, in an attempt to ultimately diminish trust and its meaning completely by affirming that any act of treachery towards Big Brother will be dealt with. It is merely the idea of love that attracts both Winston and Julia to each other. Their relationship was portrayed solitarily as a voluptuous act, irrefutably fuelled with the thirst to be unconstrained of ascendancy. The deriving urgency and proclivity to rebel against Big Brother in any conceivable way transpired the betrayal amongst the pair, thus suggesting that the reputed love was a pretentious mendacity from the beginning. What is true love? One of the most intricate interrogations of humanity, it becomes too fundamentally perplex to interpret. What is true hate? Do we hate because we’re afraid, or are we afraid because we hate? Is it true that those who hate most vigorously must have once loved profoundly? Of the many contradictions that exist in our world, the comparison between love and hate is perhaps the starkest. In 1984, there is no true love. Essentially, the absence of love is what resembles the dystopic nature of Oceania’s society. Psychological mind tactics compel the citizens of Oceania to helplessly and solitarily love their leader, Big Brother. Although, of the love adduced by the citizens,...
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