Love Is a Fallacy

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  • Published : November 16, 2008
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Book report
___Love is a Fallacy
Love is a Fallacy is a funny story. The narrator of it is Dobie Gillis. He was a self-conceited freshman in a law school---University of Minnesota. And Petey Burch was Dobie’s stupid roommate, having a girl-friend named Polly Espy. While Dobie wanted to marry Polly after graduation. So he intended to steal her from Petey. By a chance, Dobie could give Petey a raccon coat, which was Petey desired to have, because he was a faddist. In this way, Dobie gained the opptunity to have dates with Polly. But there was a problem: Polly was a beautiful dumb girl. Whereas, Dobie was confident to change her into a intelligent girl. Through five nights, although Dobie had an intention to give up, he made it. He succeeded to make a logicion out of Polly. However, unfortunately and sadly, Polly refused Dobie to become his girl-friend with those fallacies taught by him. Ridiculously, she chose Petey just because he had got a raccon coat, which was given by Dobie. The whole story was absolutely humorous and ironic. The title “ Love is a Fallacy” had two ways to understand. One is “Love is Deceptive ”. In this view, we could think that Petey decepted Dobie with a result of having both raccon coat and the beauty--Polly. And the love between Betey and Polly was deceptive, too. The other is “Love cannot be deduced from a set of given premises”. Dobie believed that he would be a lawyer in a few years and a successful lawyer should marry a beautiful, gracious and intelligent woman, so as long as he changed Polly intelligent, he must win a perfect love. But love is a fallacy, the result went against his logic. Dobie had been too clever for his own good. More than homorous, and ironic. The writer of the story Max Shulman used a whole variety of writing techniques to make the story vivid, dramatic and colorful. Figures of speech as follows will show more details. Simile:“My brain was as powerful as a dynamo, as precise...
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