Love Is Pure Love Is Absolute

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Summary :
1.As the researchers decided to conduct a study about the training programs of employees on selected 4-star hotel in manila. The Researchers want to find out what are the problems that have been encountered of employees in different 4-star hotel. 2.The Researchers found out that in order to improve the skills of the employees the management should apply proper training to each one of their employees, Proper training programs will help their employees to improve the proper way of communicating with customers and how will they deal with other people. 3.As the researchers conducted a survey in the different employees of 4-star hotel in manila, The researchers found out that most of our respondents age is ranging to 28-32 years old. 4.The researchers also found out that our respondents are equal in number. 5.The researchers found out that majority of our respondents are college graduate and that the researchers believe that they have the capability to answer the questions that we ask to them because the researchers found out that most of our respondents have many experiences in their field . 6.The Researchers found out that most of the respondents are satisfied to the training programs that they have experienced in the establishment that they are in. 7.The Researchers could say that in order to become successful professional a employee must have the proper training so that a employee would know what are the proper ways that he/she will do.
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