Love Is Never Silent

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Love Is Never Silent

My feelings behind Love Is Never Silent are mixed with emotion. The movie was very emotional and real. Margret was born with deaf parents that relied on her help because she was born hearing. Throughout her childhood, she would help her parents communicate with the hearing world. As she grew older, she became more independent which affected her parent’s. Her parent’s felt like she was deserting them and not caring about them. Margret feels guilty because her parent’s express bitterness whenever she visited. Her dad was more understanding through out the movie about Margret’s situation and accepted the fact that her daughter needed to live her own life and be independent. From my perspective, I felt like her mom didn’t want her to grow up and become independent because she relied on her with so many different things in the hearing world. It was almost like her mom was scared of the hearing world without her daughter beside her. Towards the end of the movie, Margret did break the guilt she had with her parents and began to live her own life with a husband and a child of her own. I’m glad she was able to break that relationship of guilt with her parents because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t experience anything with her own life. There shouldn’t be any obligations like this example with any deaf families. It creates havoc within the family, which isn’t healthy at all.